My Fitness Story


You never know exactly what that means until you’ve reached it.

During my late 20’s, I was a performing musician and led the lifestyle that comes along with it. I smoked, drank, took drugs and ate my life away. I was depressed, overweight (165 lbs. at my heaviest) and extremely unhappy. I was also very much in DENIAL of my feelings and situation.

I never wanted to look at my body in the mirror and hated getting my picture taken.  I remember the horrible feeling that would well up inside when I had to sit in the car. The seat belt would touch my stomach and just feeling it there would make me start crying.

After about 6 years of this lifestyle, I reached a point where I had to make a choice: START CHANGING NOW or keep headed down this destructive path.

I took ownership of my life from that moment forward. I quit drinking alcohol, I stopped smoking cigarettes and marijuana, I started eating healthy and exercising. I stopped hanging out with friends or in places that weren’t serving me or helping. I started asking questions about what I really wanted out of life, who I was and what I wanted. I was tired of settling, tired of blaming others, tired of being asleep.

A couple of years later I made the decision to become a meditator. After dedicating myself to meditation practices, I was invited to join a select group of meditators to study energetic healing and have been in full time studies for over 2 years now. The vision and experience of the human energetic system, the subtle bodies and the human psyche has greatly increased my ability to help my fitness clients by including components of my program that are focused on the emotional and mental along with the physical.

Check out for more information on my IST and energetic health practice. 


Of course, the change (or even the decision to change!) didn’t happen overnight…it never does. But I took the first step…and then the next step…and the next.  Over time I grew to love moving, love my body and love the freedom that being healthy and strong provides. I felt comfortable in my own body. I felt alive, I felt sexy, I felt strong and I felt at home!


In 2011, I had an opportunity to change the focus of my work. I applied for a grant from Washington State to attend NPTI®. There, I studied under the Director of Education Nate Resenburg.

Nate was one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had. He taught me so much about fitness; biomechanics, biology, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise form and function, psychology and more. He also taught me about motivation and drive, about compassion and living life to the fullest.

Nate passed away very suddenly from stomach cancer that same year.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from Nate was that life is so very short and our time here to enjoy this beautiful existence in this amazing body is not guaranteed.

I treat each client as the unique individual that they are. I like to shape my approach around what works best for my clients, not try and shape my clients around what works best for me. This means we enter each program together with a “no limits!” attitude. I want to help you break any limitations or hesitations, to help motivate you to play hard, to get what you want! I want to bring you to the point where your mind wants to tell you that you can’t do it, don’t know how, don’t care, don’t want to, can’t go any further and help lead you over that line! It’s about finding strength and beginning to see yourself for who you really are.

There are no limits to what you can accomplish and no limits to what we can do together to help you succeed in being who you really are.

My approach

I use my unique range of experience and knowledge to help my clients improve their quality of life, reach their goals and feel good!  All of my programs are 100% completely customized for each and every client. Every person deserves a unique program made just for them and their specific needs.

Every custom You Fit Now Program includes a weekly phone check in.  This is only one example of how dedicated I am to supporting my clients. I make myself available to be there for my clients every step of the way.

Change Begins with NOW.


  • NPTI® Personal Trainer

  • NPTI® Nutritional Consultant

  • NPTI studies included: Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-mechanics, Kinesiology, Postural Movement Patterns, Psychology and Nutrition

  • Over 5 years of Experience

My Committment

I am eager to work with clients who are seeking a dedicated, fun and knowledgeable fitness and health professional. I get really excited to work with clients who want change and are ready to start making it happen.

I love helping all my unique clients reach their health and fitness goals. I am ridiculously committed to my clients!

Change Begins with NOW.